We produce or repair gear wheels ranging from diameters of 200 up to 5000 mm according to technical documentation or samples.

We produce gear wheels of different shapes and designs:

  • Internal or external teething
  • Single, double or triple ball gear wheels
  • Single, double or triple roller gear wheels


Products are suitable for construction and mining machines, elevators, conveyors and other applications.

In our production we use highest quality materials purchased from well-known European suppliers (42CrMo4V, 30CrNiMo8V, 16MnCr5, CK45, ST52-3, X2CrNiMoN 2253, etc.). All of our products are produced according to basic standard and quality. If necessary, we can also provide you with other certificates, such as Lloyd’s, DNV, ABS, etc.


When we receive a deformed gear wheel, we disassemble it in the shortest time possible and determine the real state of deformity. According to our findings, we immediately make an offer for either repair or a new gear wheel:

Errors of deformed gear wheels:

  • Too big radial or axial clearance of gear wheels
  • Deformed teething on gear wheels
  • Broken internal or external ring

Possible repair:

  • Production of just deformed ring and adaptation to the good ring
  • Clearance repair with mechanical process and change of balls and spacers
Our production

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