Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. Through customer satisfaction we can maintain and even increase our market share. To accomplish all of that we maintain quality control as a very important part of our production process. Besides executing quality control for our own production, we can also offer this service to our end customer.

Process of quality control:

  • Entrance control of raw material and semi-finished parts
  • Intermediate control in production process
  • Final control of products

Methods for executing quality control:

  • Visual and quantity check
  • Measuring final products with measuring tools
  • Product checking with penetrants, magnetoflux and ultrasonic control
  • Measuring hardness and depth of induction hardening
  • Cutting samples of induction hardening, welding and for purpose of quality checking (welding for the purpose of quality check?)

Measuring tools used in our production:

  • Micrometer for inner and outer diameter (MITUTOYO)
  • Calliper (MITUTOYO)
  • Roughness measuring device (MAHR-MAR SURF PS1)
  • Hardness measuring device (KRAUTKRAMER BRANSON –MIC 10)
  • Ultrasonic device (OLYMPUS – EPOCH 600)
  • Device for measuring layer of chrome/zinc thickness (MICROTEST ELEKTRO PHYSIK GERMANY)
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