Flame cutting and welding technology

We provide flame-cutting technology of the leading manufacturer MESSER Cutting & Welding AG, which does not need to be separately introduced since its name is well-known throughout the world and is a synonym for flame-cutting technology. We offer pressure regulators, handheld devices for gas welding and cutting of complete sets, as well as motor-driven Quicky and Secator cutters. Of course, Messer’s product range also includes mechanical cutters for sheet metal.


Equipment for flame

  • welding
  • cutting
  • grooving
  • pressure control
  • flow control
  • mechanical burners
  • additional equipment
  • non-return fittings


Wide range of

  • cutting nozzles
  • groove nozzles
  • welding attachments
  • heating attachments
  • soldering attachments
  • attachments for flame cleaning
  • attachments for flame flattening
  • pressure regulators


  • Starlet
  • Star
  • Norm
  • RH
  • Miniterm

Official website of the company: http://www.messer-cs.com


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